I’m at the point where I’m wondering if choosing Svelte for NodeKit is a design error in terms of cultural fit and goals. (They want to be the “serverless” framework for Big Tech. I feel like I’m hitting my head against a wall whenever I want to adapt anything for small web use because it’s all geared towards corporate web use.)

Anyone here played with htmx and hyperscript? Any experience with the community?


#htmx #hyperscript #thoughts

@aral You might want to consider Vue.js. Key features:

1. You can make full use of ES modules.
2. Uses regular HTML, CSS and JS syntax in a single file per component, much like Svelte.
3. Fast builds using esbuild and Vite.
4. Can be adopted incrementally.
5. You can even use it without a special build step if you really want to:


Performance wise it's not quite as good as Svelte (because virtual DOM), but not too far off.



@mathew oh great, now @aral will tell us what’s ethically wrong about Vue.js and I’ll have to start liking something else 😅 (jk ofc)

@andregil @mathew Haha, no, I’ve played with Vue a bit myself. But if I’m going to switch from Svelte it would have to be for something considerably different that offers lots of other advantages. I consider Vue and Svelte to be of the same general family.

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