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Being able to build the official Mastodon app for iOS in xcode and play around with it in an emulator to the see the results of weeks of UX and engineering work is a pretty amazing feeling

I thought you'd be interested to know that my neighborhood just informed me once again that there are ball sports happening somewhere.

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A tá fazendo um ano, e quem ganha é vocccêeee!

(ganha só um espacinho acolhedor na internets, tô sem criatividade pra escrever um texto bonito)

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Who would have known that in 2021 the hot thing to do seems to be to buy animated GIFs for tens of thousands of dollars and waste literally hundreds of kWh of energy in the process.

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I thought i'd let you know that my neighborhood is upset about ball sporting events.

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Block rec 

This is an easy one I don't even have to explain or justify: #Fediblock


Wanna work with me? We're looking for SWEs (Web, React, Next.js, etc). Remote, BR ok. Must speak inglês (Company is in LA). Must be a nice person. Hit me up if interested. More detail here:

8 minute high speed drive through downtown Paris on a Sunday morning in 1976, in a Mercedes 450SEL 6.9.

"C'était un rendez-vous" by Claude Lelouch


Just been to the supermercado.. so many people from a company called "Crefisa" on the streets, what's up with that?

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