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Bolsonaro, Telegram 

So Bolsonaro has a verified Telegram account now.

Pavel Durov, Telegram founder: "We are honored that political leaders [..] rely on Telegram to combat misinformation and spread awareness about important issues in their societies"


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please enjoy this video of a little round blue jay eating tomatoes

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Maybe I'll hook it up to an accurate user count bot at some point, but anyway: There are 2,728 Mastodon servers online today and on them, there are 252,893 monthly active users, a number that increased by 45,517 since Jan 11th.

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Finally an article that mentions Mastodon on Techcrunch, not as positive as one would hope but hey, I'll take what I can get. I think there's one good quote from me in there.

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Die weltverbessernden Fähigkeiten von Bratkartoffeln werden ja auch viel zu häufig unterbewertet.

After Blsnr's best buddy got deplatformed, like clockwork, freezepeachers come knocking at our instance's door. Glad that they usually identify themselves in their sign up requests so i can slam the deny button without much hesitation. I have zero patience with those jokers, spewing their hate.. oh i'm sorry.. "using their god-given right to free speech" here.

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Selfies with eye contact 


Happy New Year, Feliz Ano Novo und Guten Rutsch from your favorite instance admin! (No I am not Stux).

I vividly remember listening to this over and over 30 years ago.. such a great song. I'm not sure i was aware that it's actually a Vaselines cover. Other famous Vaselines covers: Son Of A Gun, Molly's Lips and Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam, all Nirvana.

Today is another BMX Bandits day, because look what arrived today! Bonus: Pooh Sticks and Vaselines 'Dying for it' 7" also arrived today.

The recording of the MQTT talk by pathfinder disappeared from the archive for some reason. I hope it will come back because it is awesome (and very scary): "Internet of Telemetry: I Know What You Did Last Lockdown".

In the meantime, he referenced this talk that is also very interesting:

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Claus Wahlers deu boost

[de] Ich bin offensichtlich zu blöd, die Streams zu finden. Wo kann ich mir das ankucken? Kann ich kein Internet? Oder kann der CCC kein Internet? Fahrplan ist nicht verlinkt, und auch sonst gibts keinen Link zu irgendwelchen Live Streams? Sollte sowas nicht ganz oben auf stehen?

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Mastodon Brasil

O é uma instância voltada para falantes de português brasileiro. Com a intenção de ser um espaço acolhedor e menos tóxico, tentamos ser uma instância que abriga pessoas de todas nacionalidades, etnias, formatos de corpos, gêneros, de identidades e orientações sexuais diversas, feministas, neurodivergentes, independente de religião, raça e orientação política.