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To be fair, they write that they are working on a delete feature in SSB (hopefully not with the same enthusiasm Ethereum is working on a proof of stake version of its blockchain). Still. Eh.

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ahh yes Manyverse, the new decentralized Social Network built on a protocol that explicitly disallows removing published content. Child porn? Well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ i guess there's nothing we can do about that. But hey at least we have FREEDOM OF SPEECH. yay. </s>

Vacina (+) 


My Serasa score tanked 30% with their new "Score 2.0" because i spend too much on my CC (i don't), yet they spam me constantly with offers for credit cards from their "partners".

Vacina, cursing in three languages 

So i went to get my second shot today, but nope, apparently SP ran out of Astra Zeneca.

Fuck you Bolsonaro and all your deadbeat idiot minions, vai tomar no cu, die in a fire you fucking useless piece of shit Nazi golpista genocida. Vollidiot! Geh kacken!

[de] 7. September, brpol 

"Gefolgschaft oder Tod - Der brasilianische Präsident Jair Bolsonaro hat für den Unabhängigkeitstag zu Massendemonstrationen aufgerufen. Er will ein Zeichen der Stärke in die Welt schicken – und enthüllt dabei seine Schwäche."

Claus Wahlers deu boost

I don't want social media to get smarter, I want it to be dumb as a bucket of bricks. I want social media to have no goddamn idea what I want so it'll just give me what I asked for, like I wanted to begin with 😤

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Mastodon Brasil

O é uma instância voltada para falantes de português brasileiro. Com a intenção de ser um espaço acolhedor e menos tóxico, tentamos ser uma instância que abriga pessoas de todas nacionalidades, etnias, formatos de corpos, gêneros, de identidades e orientações sexuais diversas, feministas, neurodivergentes, independente de religião, raça e orientação política.