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claus deu boost
claus deu boost

gente cuidado com scam pelo amor de deus nao clique nos links

claus deu boost

Has anyone here this movie on VHS/DVD/BR or in any other form, by incredible chance? It is literally unbuyable.

November 4th is the 30th anniversary of MBV's Loveless.
I am old. 🧓

claus deu boost

TIL that David Hasselhoff's great great grandmother lived in a village in northern Germany that is right next to the villages my parents grew up in (~2 miles).
It is quite probable that my ancestors knew David Hasselhoff's ancestors!

To be fair, they write that they are working on a delete feature in SSB (hopefully not with the same enthusiasm Ethereum is working on a proof of stake version of its blockchain). Still. Eh.

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ahh yes Manyverse, the new decentralized Social Network built on a protocol that explicitly disallows removing published content. Child porn? Well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ i guess there's nothing we can do about that. But hey at least we have FREEDOM OF SPEECH. yay. </s>

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Mastodon Brasil

O é uma instância voltada para falantes de português brasileiro. Com a intenção de ser um espaço acolhedor e menos tóxico, tentamos ser uma instância que abriga pessoas de todas nacionalidades, etnias, formatos de corpos, gêneros, de identidades e orientações sexuais diversas, feministas, neurodivergentes, independente de religião, raça e orientação política.